Johnstones Revive Chalky Furniture Paint 750ml Chic Shabby Vintage Paints


Revive Chalky Furniture Paint has been specially formulated to cover almost any surface without any preparation. It’s tough and durable, provides easy to apply, scratch resisting protection, and can transform the look of any project. Perfect for that shabby-chic look. Follow with Johnstone's Revive Finishing Waxes to seal and protect your look.

TOP TIP: If you’re after an effortless smooth finish, try using a roller instead of a brush.
Just ensure that your first coat is totally dry before applying the second coat.

Coverage 12m sq per 750ml can

USE WITH:Revive Finishing Wax;Revive Metallic Paint;Revive Metallic Finishing Wax.

500ml Finishing Wax Recommended

After completing your desired effect with Revive Chalky Furniture Paint, complete and protect your work with these easy to use Revive Finishing Waxes. Whether you’re looking for a smooth finish with the clear wax, or an aged effect with the Sepia, it’s easy to mix and match to achieve great results.

TOP TIP: Apply your wax with a rag (such as old cotton T-shirt) rather than a brush, this saves money and the wax isn't wasted in the bristles of the brush.