HG Hagesan Bath Shine - Bath, Tile & Washbasin Cleaner - 500ml

Restores the shine on washbasins, bathtubs, toilet bowls, taps and tiles. HG Hagesan Bath Shine removes bath oil marks, soapy and organic matter, body fat and light limescale.
Due to its high concentration, just a few drops on a sponge are needed making it extremely economical to use. Does not contain any abrasives or agressive ingredients and is therefore safe for use on all glazed, chrome plated, enamel, plasitic or painted surfaces. Does not affect colouring in any way.
HG Hagesan Bath Shine does not leave streaks and with regular use prevents a build up of limescale.
Attention: Do not use on marble or other limestone surfaces. For these surfaces use HG Hagesan Marble and Natural Stone Bathroom Cleaner. For the removal of difficult to clean built-up stains, such as limescale, yellow stains, rust stains etc. it is best to use HG Hagesan Blue.