ALM Strimmer Spool and Replacement Line - Fits Black and Decker Reflex Machines

  • Robust design
  • Nylon line
  • Tough
  • Long lasting
Spool and line fits Black and Decker Reflex machines (single line models) GL30, GL120/C, GL280, GL301, GL340, GL420C, GL420XC, GL423C, GL425C/S/SC/XC, GL430C/S/SC, GL530, GL540, GL544, GL544C, GL545, GL545C/SC, GL547, GL550, GL555XC, GL560, GL560PXC, GL570/C, GL580/C, GL2500, GLC120, GLC2000, GLC2500, GLC3000.
Grass Hog (single line models) GH400, GH500, GH600, GH700, GH1000, CST1000, CST2000, NST2018, ST6600, ST7000, ST7500, ST7700.
Compares to A6481, 806856-50, 597843, AF-100.