Bestway Bestway Flowclear Soothing Multicolored Led Waterfall For Above Ground Pools

Bestway's Soothing Led Waterfall is a fantastic multi-coloured waterfall that will bring a wave of peace and relaxation to your moments in the water

Thanks to the cascade of water that this Bestway accessory generates, your pool experience will be even more magical: you can enjoy a light show as you swim after sunset, with multi-coloured rays shining through the fountain and illuminating your night in the swimming pool.

The cascade of water delivered also has a beneficial effect, it will improve your swimming experience by producing refreshing negative ions on the water surface, bringing serenity and relaxation with its continuous flow.

With an incredible range of bright lights you will enjoy a rainbow of colours; with a simple touch you can choose between one of the seven colours or an beautiful colour changing mode. After two hours the automatic timer will turn off the Led lights, saving battery.

The structure is designed to allow simple and quick installation. It works without additional electricity, simply hook the adjustable clamps on the side of the pool and connect the filter pump tubes to ensure a nice water flow.

Once positioned on the edge of the pool, there is nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the waterfall with its bright colours!

Technical features:

  • Device with cascade water dispenser
  • Led bulb powered by 3x AA batteries (not included)
  • 8 modes (7 fixed colours and 1 alternating)
  • Automatic shutdown after 2 hours
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Required flow rate of the filtration pump 2.006 - 11.355 L / hr
  • Clamps for quick and easy mounting to the poolside
  • Pipe connection adapter