Bestway Solar Rectangular Swimming Pool Cover Sheet 13.25 x 6.6FT (404 x 201cm)

Bestway 13.5ft Rectangular Frame Solar Pool Cover floats on the surface of the water, insulating a Bestway 13.5ft Rectangular Pool and shielding from debris.
The solar pool cover is made from a hardwearing material covered in tiny air bubbles - just like bubble wrap! These tiny air bubbles absorb heat from the sun, locking it in and warming pool water.

The cover also reduces evaporation, saving money on regularly topping up the pool water. Because it prevents the accumulation of debris it's also a great way of saving money on costly cleaning and maintenance. Bestway 13.5ft Rectangular Frame Solar Pool Cover is essential for owners of a 13.5ft Rectangular Frame Pool.

It can even provide insulation when the sunny season has finished!

Features: It Helps prevents dirt and debris from accumulating in the pool Absorbs sunlight and transfers heat to water Insulated to prevent loss of water temperature Limits water evaporation from your pool
Specifications: Size: 13.5 ft
Colour: Blue
Brand: Bestway Style: Pool Cover Model: 13.5' Rectangular Solar Pool Cover
Safety Warning: Not a safety cover! Adult supervision is recommended at all times when children are around pools
Box Includes: Bestway Flowclear 13.5' Solar Pool Cover, Blue