Bosch - 10 Piece Jigsaw Blade Set for Wood

Bosch 2607010629 Jigsaw Blade Set Wood Cutting Proline set of 10 assorted jigsaw blades. These 2607010629 Bosch Jigsaw Blade Sets consist of 4 x T119B, 4 X T111C and 2 x T119BO designed and manufactured specifically for cutting through softwood, fibre board, plywood, laminate, chipboard, plastics and are great for accurate curve cutting
x2 T119BO Jigsaw Blades: Designed specifically to allow precise fine straight and curved cuts through wood core plywood, fibre boards, chipboard and softwoods, the cutting capacity of these T119BO Jigsaw Bades is 2mm to 15mm
x4 T119B Jigsaw Blades: A straight cutting jigsaw blade designed specifically for straight clean cuts through softwoods, fibre boards, chipboard and wood core plywood, the cutting capacity of these T119B Jigsaw Blades is 2mm to 15mm
x4 T111C Jigsaw Blades: Hard working straight cutting coarse jigsaw blades manufactured for fast cutting through softwoods, wood core plywood, fibre boards and chipboard, the cutting capacity of these T111C Jigsaw Blades is 4mm to 50mm
EAN: 3165140579353