Bosch EasyCut 12 Cordless Nano Blade Saw with 12 V Lithium-Ion Battery

  • The Bosch nanoblade saw easy cut 12 - sawing has never been so easy
  • Compact and convenient cordless saw for easy, low-vibration indoor and outdoor sawing jobs
  • Sawing experience - wide range of applications such as sawing free hand and plunge cuts without pre-drilling
  • Optimum power for fast sawing thanks to replaceable 12 V lithium-ion battery
  • Items included: Easy cut 12, nano blade wood speed 65, protective cap, battery, charger, hand strap, case

Product Description

The easy cut 12 from Bosch is fast and convenient for precise cutting. The handy device is the world's first general-purpose saw with nano blade, a saw blade with a surrounding micro-chain. This consists of four millimetre small chain links - similar to a chain saw, but much smaller. The advantage of the encircling micro-chain is that the lifting movement means vibrations are incredibly low ensuring a smooth cut. The nano blade is also durable and maintenance-free: No oiling, sharpening or re-tensioning of the chain is required. In addition, the micro-chain itself does not increase with resinous wood.