Bosch Gluey Cordless Hot Glue Pen - Various Colours - Includes 20 Glue Sticks

  • Simply unlock your creativity for craft and art projects - can be used with wood, fabric, leather or other materials
  • Ready to use in next to no time - a heat-up time of just one minute
  • Long-lasting - just a single battery charge is enough for Gluey to work with up to 60 mini glue sticks
  • Ready to use as soon as you unpack it thanks to the pre-charged AA battery supplied
  • Items included: Gluey, 2 x AA batteries, USB charger and cable, 20 mini glue sticks (8 x clear, 2 x yellow, 2 x red, 1 x blue, 1 x black, 1 x red glitter, 1 x green glitter, 1 x blue glitter, 1 x silver glitter, 1 x gold glitter), box

Product Description

The Gluey cordless hot glue pen available in Evergreen, Smoky Grey, Marshmallow, Lagoon Blue and Cupcake Pink get creative and bring different crafty project ideas to life. More flexibility in your gluing projects without any cables getting in your way. An everyday hero for cordless working when gluing. At just 0.12 kg the Gluey is a lightweight tool with an ideal design. The rechargeable batteries mean that the hot glue pen is an ideal to use.