Clearwater Fast Action Tabs Chlorine Tablets for Hot Tub and Pools - 167 Tablets

  • QUICK DISSOLVING CHLORINE TABLETS: Will fully dissolve and circulate within your pool/hot tub water within 30 minutes
  • KEEP YOUR POOL AND HOT TUB WATER SAFE: By using these tablets to disinfect and remove harmful bacteria from your water
  • EASY TO USE: As each tablet raises the chlorine level by 1.5 mg/l (ppm) per 1000 Litres; clear instructions are included on the tub
  • MINIMAL IMPACT ON PH: So you can use the tablets without worrying about any adverse effects on the water pH levels
  • BISHTA APPROVED CHEMICALS: Clearwater is BISHTA approved and recommended by brands such as Bestway and Lay-Z-Spa for reliable, safe and high-quality water treatment
  • UK CUSTOMER SERVICE: Clearwater provides a dedicated, friendly UK customer support team to assist you with any queries you may have