Croydex SafeFlush Toilet Seat - Soft Close Hinges - Anti-Bacterial - White

  • Zero tolerance special seal stops the spread of germs and bacteria outside of the toilet bowl
  • Includes hygiene 'N' clean antibacterial treatment
  • All fixings included
  • Fits most standard size toilets

Product Description

Every time you flush the toilet a fine mist containing harmful micro-organisms is spread throughout the bathroom. This mist can include the pathogens that cause illnesses such as MRSA, Shingella, E-Coli and Salmonella to name just a few.

This toilet seat inhibits the spread of germs and bacteria by sealing them into the toilet bowl. The Safeflush toilet seat is a revolution in the fight against the spread of bacteria in the bathroom area. With it's innovative double seal - one on the inside of the lid and the other on the base of the seat itself, this toilet seat ensures that germs and bacteria are kept where they belong, making the bathroom a safer place

With over 90 years experience in supplying household and bathroom products to UK and overseas markets, Croydex offers a range of bathroom refreshment products in a broad variety of categories and designs.

Box Contains

  • 1 × Safeflush Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat with Slow Close Hinges, White
  • 1 × fixing pack
  • 1 × instruction leaflet