Dremel - Genuine Multipurpose Accessory Set - 100 Pieces

100 pieces accessory set
Used in multi tools
Genuine Dremel accessories

Product Description
The 100 pieces Dremel multipurpose accessory set contains 100 high quality genuine Dremel accessories including EZ SpeedClic accessories which allow for quick and easy accessory changes.
With this accessory set you can tackle a wide range of applications in a variety of different materials. The storage case allows you to conveniently store your Dremel accessories.

Box Contains
1 x Drill Bit1 x Wrench1 x Screw Mandrel1 x Mandrel with Screw1 x EZ SpeedClic Mandrel1 x High Speed Cutter 3.2mm1 x Grinding Stone 9.5mm1 x Grinding Stone 9.5mm1 x Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone 4.8mm1 x Grinding Wheel1 x Polishing Compound1 x Polishing Wheel 13mm1 x Polishing Wheel 26mm1 x Wheel Shape Bristle Brush 13mm1 x Regular 24mm Cut-Off Wheels1 x EZ SpeedClic Cutting Wheels 38mm 1 x Sanding Discs Coarse1 x Sanding Discs Fine1 x Sanding Mandrel 6.4mm1 x Small Sanding Band 60 Grit1 x Small Sanding Band 120 Grit1 x Sanding Mandrel 13mm1 x Large Sanding Band 60 Grit1 x Large Sanding Band 120 Grit