Erfurt Wallrock Fibreliner 55 Lining Paper *Strong* ALL SIZES AVAILABLE

Mav Wallrock fibre liner is a non-woven material that is most suitable for covering up unsightly and poor plaster surfaces.
* Extremely strong and either side can be used, plus it does not require any soaking and can also be hung dry to a pre-pasted surface.
* Wallrock requires no soaking, so just think of the time it saves when there is a large area to be covered.
* Use on old and poor plaster, breeze and cement blockwork, wood panelling and cement render, etc.
* All surfaces must be well prepared prior to hanging wallrock, and when hung it can be emulsion painted, or used as a base for overhanging other wallcoverings.
* No soaking required.
* Can be used on walls and ceilings.
* Paste the wall or the paper.
* Not as absorbent as standard lining paper.
* Knock resistant.
* Covers cracks.
* PVC-free.
* Highly flame retardent.
* Dry strippable.
* No matching required.
* Single Roll Size 10.00 metre x 0.54 metre (5.4 Square metres)
* Double Roll Size 20.00 metre x 0.54 metre (10.8 Square metres)
* Ideal alternative to fibreglass lining paper.