Granocryl Stabilising Solution - Clear - 5 Litres

Granocryl Stabilising Solution is a quality primer that works on porous, flaky, chalky and powdery surfaces. Ideal for old and tired exterior walls, the primer ensures good adhesion for masonry paint.

Touch dry within 24 hours, this stabilising solution is a penetrating solution formulated for application to surfaces of a highly porous or friable nature. It provides a substrate suitable for further decoration with water-borne paints such as Granocryl Smooth masonry paint.

This primer is normally applied to older exterior walls and should never be applied straight onto new render. It ensures good adhesion of the masonry paint and can save a lot of time and money.

Apply like any other paint product and allow to dry thoroughly before painting. Some of the features of Granocryl Stabilising Solution Clear 5L are that it ensures adhesion, is very easy to apply, it is also quick drying.

This stabilising solution also covers up to 8 square metres per litre (40 from 5 litres). Apply by brush or roller. Touch dry in 24 hours, recoatable after 16 hours.