Liberon Rabbit Skin Traditional Glue - Used in Gesso - 250g

  • Natural animal skin glue
  • Traditional pearl
  • Ideal for making Gesso
  • Suitable for gilding
  • May be reheated 2-3 times

Liberon Rabbit Skin Glue is a traditional glue which is mainly used in gesso and size preparations for gilding purposes.

Performance- Natural animal skin glue. - Traditional pearl used for making Gesso and for gilding.

How to useDissolve in warm water mixing 1 part glue to 4 parts water. Heat this solution in a double pot until all the glue has melted. If the glue is too thick add some more water to the solution. Do not allow to boil.

PrecautionsThe glue may be reheated two or three times. Old or dirty glue must be discarded and a fresh solution made.

Liberon LIBRSG250G comes in a pack size of 250g.