Osmo Post Fix - Quick Easy Strong Fence, Clothesline, Light, Sport Posts

Osmo Post Fix, the innovative new product by Osmo UK is the perfect solution for quick simple installation of fence posts.
No need for cement and water, simply pour the contents of Part B into Part A, shake the bottle for 20 seconds and pour it into the hole around the post.

The mixture expands just like an expanding foam to fill the hole, but it sets within 3 minutes forming a rock hard installation. Post Fix can be used for backfilling around posts & supports for fences, equestrian uses, lamp posts, garden fences, sports and park equipment and many other applications.

See the you tube video demonstration to see just how clean, easy, quick and strong this product is. No need to carry heavy bags of cement or pre-mixed cementitious products and water. No messy mixing and great for remote uses where no water is available.

Osmo Post Fix has a very high bond strength and is resistant to shocks and impacts. It adheres to wood, vinyl and metal posts and soil. It does this better than concrete and it forms a waterproof barrier around timber posts which helps to protect against rotting.