Vitax Rosegarde Combined Insecticide and Fungicide for Roses - 750ml Spray

  • Combined insecticide and fungicide
  • Kills aphids and pests
  • Treats rust and blackspot
  • Gives 3-4 weeks protection
Roses can look unsightly when they’re covered in greenfly or blackspot, but this can be controlled with Vitax Rosegarde which is a combined insecticide and systemic fungicide in a ready-to-use trigger spray. It will control a wide range of aphids and pests, as well as offering some protection against rust and blackspot. Apply at the first signs of disease or attack and repeat the application 10 days later if necessary. Do not exceed two applications a year. Spray plants thoroughly, including the underside of the leaves as many aphids attach themselves under leaves. Use in the early morning or late evening when bees are not actively foraging. Vitax Rosegarde contains cypermethrin and myclobutanil. Use pesticides safely / read the label.