Barrettine Danish Oil - Enhance and Protect Wooden Surfaces - All Sizes



A blend of oils and resin which provide an attractive lustre finish to all woods. Ideal for Scandinavian furnishings, doors, panelling, wood turning and more! Can also act as an excellent treatment for kitchen surfaces (non-food prep) and for use on non-green oak timbers due to its water repellency. Predominately for internal use; can be used externally but recommended only in more sheltered locations.


Previously oiled wood can be partially sealed, especially if a slight gloss if evident that prevents any fresh application penetrating. Prepare the wood using fine stainless steel wool rubbing in the direction of the grain and remove all dust
Apply 2- 3 thin coats leaving 6-10 hours between each coat and avoiding water contact. For exterior wood, a minimum of 4 applications is recommended and will require regular re-oiling. Thoroughly treat end grain. Leave a minimum of 1- 2 days after the final coat before using treated item
When used outside we recommend a prior application of wood preservative treatment that must be allowed to dry before applying Danish Oil.
  • Application: Brush or lint free cloth
  • Coverage: 1 litre to 8-10 sq metres