Barrettine Super Concentrated Decking Cleaner - 500ml



A fast acting, water-based decking cleaner suitable for all decking types including wood, composite and plastic. Ideal for removing dirt during decking restoration. Can also be used on outdoor furniture.

  • Treats up to 40 metres square from a 500ml bottle
  • Clean & Renovates
  • Just add water

Size: 500ml

  • Sweep the decking to remove moss & leaves using a very stiff bristled brush. Caution: The surface may become slippery during cleaning. If the product comes into contact with plants or grass, rinse thoroughly with clean water. This product may remove flaking and worn coatings. Do not use undiluted or allow undiluted product to enter drains or watercourses.
  • Add the cleaner to water. For light clean 1/4 bottle per 10L or for heavy cleaning 1/2 bottle per 10L. Always do a small test area before beginning any project to assess performance, compatibility and end result. Use a watering can for easier application pour solution directly onto the deck to be cleaned. Scrub the surface immediately using a very stiff brush then leave for 15-20 minutes. Agitate again before hosing off. Continue hosing until any foaming stops to ensure the product is removed before further treatment.