Craig and Rose 1829 Vintage Colours Gloss Paint - 750ml

Craig & Rose 1829 Vintage Colours Gloss

Achieve a High-Impact, High-Shine Finish

Introducing the Craig & Rose 1829 Vintage Colours Gloss, designed to bring a stunning lacquered look to your interiors. This high-shine finish is perfect for glazing doors, windows, and frames, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.


  • High-Impact Shine: Provides a brilliant, high-sheen finish that enhances the beauty of your interiors.
  • Lacquered Look: Ideal for creating a luxurious, polished appearance on various surfaces.

Preparation Guide:

  1. Surface Prep: Remove loose or flaking paint. Fill cracks or holes with filler and sand smooth. Lightly abrade any silk, satin, or glossy painted surfaces before painting. Clean and dust off surfaces.
  2. Priming: Bare or porous surfaces should be sealed with 1829 All Purpose White Undercoat.

Application Guide:

  1. Stirring: Stir contents well before use with a broad, flat stirrer.
  2. Cutting In: Cut in around the edges with a brush.
  3. Rolling: Apply 2 coats with a high-quality synthetic roller.

Ideal Use:

  • Doors: Add a glossy, polished finish to interior and exterior doors.
  • Windows: Glaze window frames for a sleek, high-shine look.
  • Frames: Perfect for achieving a lacquered finish on frames and trim.

Product Details:

  • Finish: High-sheen gloss
  • Application Tools: High-quality synthetic roller and brush
  • Techniques: Stir well, cut in edges, and apply two coats for best results