Craig and Rose Artisan Concrete Effect Paints - 2.5 Litres

Craig & Rose Artisan Concrete Effect Paint

Achieve a stunning, high-fashion concrete aesthetic with Craig & Rose Artisan Pale Elements Concrete Effect paint. This versatile paint allows you to create the sophisticated look of real concrete anywhere in your home, all with the ease of DIY application. Our lightest concrete effect paint offers a muted, subtle, and effortlessly cool aesthetic, perfect for adding character to any space.

Key Features:

  • Exposed Aesthetic: Create a striking concrete effect that rivals the real thing.
  • High-Fashion Look: Ideal for feature walls and accent pieces.
  • Versatile Finish: Can be left raw and rigid, or smoothed, polished, and waxed for a refined touch.

Design Inspiration:

  • Industrial Elegance: Pair with copper and matte black accents for a refined industrial look.
  • Modern Sophistication: Soften the concrete effect with Carrera marble for a contemporary edge.

Application Instructions:

Achieve the perfect concrete effect with these easy steps:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and dry.
  2. Apply the Paint: Use a long pile roller to apply the paint in small sections.
  3. Smooth the Surface: Use a steel trowel to smooth the painted surface with sweeping strokes.
  4. Build Texture: Apply three coats, ensuring each coat is dry before applying the next. Build texture and ridges with each coat.
  5. Finish: Lightly polish the surface with sandpaper to achieve the desired tactility.