Cuprinol Garden Ultimate Furniture Oil Clear - 500ml Trigger Spray

Product Information

You can apply this furniture oil from the Cuprinol Ultimate range to weathered teak & similar hardwoods, using a brush or rag, to provide protection. It takes 24 hours to dry and will cover up to 12m² per litre on average.

  • Replaces the natural oils lost through weathering
  • Protects & nourishes the wood
  • Provides longer lasting protection than traditional teak oil

Features and Benefits

  • Waxes increase the water repellency of the wood protecting it from the weather
  • Oils penetrate to replace the natural oils lost through weathering
  • The natural clear or lightly tinted colours enhance the grain pattern and appearance
  • Spray provides convenience to get into grooves
  • 500ml covers up to 12m² in 1 coat