Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler - High Performance 2 Part - Natural Colour

  • Gives long lasting weather resistant repair
  • Can be screwed, sanded, filled and painted
  • Resists shrinking, splitting and cracking.
  • Drying time: workable for up to 10 minutes and dries within 30 minutes

Product Description

Cuprinol Ultra tough wood Filler is a tough and durable formula for repairing damage Caused By Wet Rot and for major joinery repairs. Cuprinol Ultra tough wood Filler is used before varnishing, painting or staining bare wood to repair decayed wood. It may also be used indoors and outdoors on sound wood, e.G. Furniture, panelling, etc. To fill knot holes, screw and nail holes etc. Cuprinol Ultra tough wood Filler hardens by chemical reaction. It is fast setting, Non-shrinking, weather resistant with good adhesion to sound wood. It can be sanded, filled, drilled, screwed and nailed when dry. Fills holes of any size or depth (under Normal conditions). solvent based. Apply with filling knife & then sandpaper down. Cleaning up: remove as much product as possible from the brush before cleaning With brush cleaner.