Dulux Trade Ultra Grip Primer - White - Base and Activator

Dulux Trade Ultra Grip Primer

Please note the Base and Activator needs to be purchased separately for this product to work.

Product Description

Dulux Trade Ultra Grip Primer is a water-based two-pack primer, specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion for subsequent coats of paint, when applied to difficult substrates such as glazed ceramic wall tiles, laminates, glass, anodised aluminium, powder-coated steel and stove enamel surfaces. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Compatible with Dulux Trade paint systems.

Application Description

Application : Brush or short pile roller only. For health and safety reasons related to all solvent-based paints, spray application is not recommended. STIR THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. It is recommended that a small test area is applied before treating the entire surface to ensure compatibility. Finish with an appropriate Dulux Trade paint system. Mixing Ratio: supplied in correct proportions. Add all of the Activator to the Base container and mix thoroughly for at least 5 minutes, until the product is smooth and even. Do not mix part units. Badly activated or incorrectly mixed materials will affect performance and may cause early failure or discolouration.Thinning: ready to use when mixed. If required, add a maximum of 10% clean water to activated primer. Pot life: up to 6 hours at 20°C.

Technical Information
  • FinishMatt
  • CoverageUp to 10m² per litre
  • Drying Time4-6 hours at 20º
  • RecoatableMinimum 16 hours and maximum 7 days. Hard dry after 16 hours. Recoat within 7 days for optimum intercoat adhesion
  • ThinningWater
  • CompositionWater-based