Garden Wellie Muddy Boot Shoes Wellingtons Mud Dirt Wiper Cleaning Brush

A must for every gardener this Wellie Wiper is the perfect solution for cleaning muddy wellingtons, boots and shoes with its four stiff brushes removing mud and dirt with ease. Equally suitable for using indoors or out it has a strong metal frame with a weatherproof coating and hardwood brushes for longer life.
Use without fixing in place
this Wellie Wiper has fold down plates either side with abrasive pads. This lets you place one booted foot on the plate whilst you wipe away dirt from the other with the hardwood brushes. In this way you steady the brush and no permanent fixing is required. However, if you prefer, the Boot Brush can be anchored securely in place (as described below) and magnetic pads securely hold the folded foot plates to the sides of the brushes.

For permanent fixing the Wellie Wiper is supplied with fixing screws and plugs. Using these fixings screw through the holes in the securing plates located in the bottom of the brush. For slabs and concrete, mark the holes and drill 4 holes with a masonry drill, insert the plastic plugs and screw the foot brush down securely. Once secured leave the foot plates securely folded up.

Easy to use use this Wellie Wiper with a hand hold to steady yourself. Make sure the Foot Brush is used on a flat, firm, steady surface and when storing away or when not in use fold the footplates up out of the way.

Dimensions 9½" x 6¼" (24cm x 16cm).