Garland Big 3 Electric Propagator - 37cm long x 22cm wide x 18.5cm high

  • Extra large, thermostatically controlled unit
  • With 3 separate, full-size high-top propagators
  • Grow several varieties in one place
  • Maintains a constant temperature of 19 degrees C

Product Description

The largest injection-moulded electric propagator, the Garland Big 3 features three thermostatically controlled propagating units for raising seeds or cuttings in volume.
* Each separate and removable propagator unit measures 37cm long x 22cm wide x 18.5cm high
* Air-vented lids made from superior, shatter-proof plastic
* 50-watt, thermostatically controlled heated base maintains a constant temperature of 19°C
* Designed & manufactured in the West Midlands by Garland
Whole unit measures: 80.5cm long, 41cm wide and 20.5cm high.