Garland Professional Growing Potting Tray with 18 Plant Pots (9cm)

  • Made of recycled plastic which has been tested to endure altering sun exposure and watering
  • Ideal for seedling stage and can help plants have an upright foundation
  • Each pot measures 9cm in diameter and tray has 18 pots (replaceable)
  • Always ensure that compost in the pots is moist and avoid displaying plants directly to sunlight

Product description

Seedling is the most crucial part of plants growing process. Grow yours like a pro with the Garland Professional Potting On Tray (18 x 9cm Pots)! Simply put seeds and cutting compost on each pot then water it adequately. Ensure that compost doesn't dry out and pot tray is positioned on an area where it receives ample sunlight and doesn't have direct sun exposure. The Garland Professional Potting On Tray is made from recycled plastic and is works well with striking cuttings. It consists of 18 pots that can be replaced and each one is 9cm in diameter. Includes: 1 x Garland Professional Potting On Tray (18 x 9cm Pots)