Garland Small High Half-Size Dome Propagator

  • Made in the UK from strong, injection-moulded, 97% recycled plastic
  • Higher than average lid for stronger growth
  • Two-tier drainage holes to avoid waterlogging and Pooling
  • Adjustable vents for humidity control
  • The perfect environment for germinating seeds and cuttings

Product Description

A good quality, half-size, high-domed propagator, made from strong, injection-moulded plastic for a longer life. Ideal for seed germination and rooting cuttings. Shatter-resistant, crystal clear, high lid allows for stronger, taller growth before potting on. Lid has adjustable vent control. Made in UK from 97% recycled materials. Measurements (approx.): 21.5cm long by 15.5cm inside width by 18.5cm total height with lid (7cm without).

Box Contains

1 x Propagator