Glow Paint By Clever Paint - Transparent - 500ml or 250ml

GlowPaint turns an ordinary surface into a magic Glow-in-the-dark area. Use for fun or function; create glow-up murals for a children's bedroom, paint on walls or ceilings for party nights, create glow-in-the-dark Halloween signs or use to highlight exits or stairs in case of power outages. GlowPaint can be painted over the top of any colour emulsion and will glow when the lights go down.

Requires 30 minutes of sunlight for 25 hours of glow.

Product Information

GlowPaint is a transparent water-based wall paint that transforms walls and materials into glowing objects in the dark. Emission-free, no nasty odours and safe to use indoors. GlowPaint is ready for use and quick and easy to apply with a roller or a brush. Multiple layers will enhance the brightness so you can adjust the brightness yourself. It can be applied over the top of existing emulsion but for best results apply onto a white background. All substrates should be been primed with a white primer.

  • Water-based so no unpleasant odours

  • Safe and easy to apply

  • 30 minutes of sunlight will allow the paint to glow for 25 hours.

Designed for retail & DIY market.

GLOWPAINT turns any wall, door or object into beautiful glowing object in the dark.

• GlowPaint is a water-based paint, easy and safe to use in every room.

• Quick and easy to apply with a roller or brush.

• With 30 minutes of lighting, the paint is visible in the dark for 25 hours.


250ml tin covers approximately 5m²

500ml tin covers approximately 10m²