Hammerite - Waxoyl High Pressure Sprayer - Quick and Easy Application

Hammerite - Waxoyl High Pressure Sprayer
  • New, improved spraying
  • Simple, fast and effective coverage
  • Simple pump action to gain desired pressure for application
  • Offers a continuous pressured spray with on/off button for added control
  • Includes extension hose and probe for those awkward to reach areas, box sections and door sills

Product description

Waxoyl is a thick, waxy fluid saturated with very powerful rust killer. Killing off old rust and preventing new rust, protect your car by simply spraying it on to metal. The Waxoyl solution will then instantly chase out moisture and form a flexible, weatherproof skin that doesn’t crack, dry out or wash off in the rain. Apply it to the insides of doors, panels, box sections, behind sills and chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect. Waxoyl is typically used on cars, motorcycles, caravans, boats, trailers and on car and fork lift batteries. Do not apply to stressed plastic body mouldings or rubber trim.

Please not this is for the sprayer only and the Waxoyl is to be purchased separately