Isoflex Professional Liquid Rubber - Black - All Sizes


Isoflex Liquid Rubber is 5 x more flexible than traditional bitumen coatings, providing up to 20 years of protection. Its tough, durable finish will not crack or peel and can be used on virtually all roofing surfaces, so it’s no wonder it’s the Professional’s choice when making roof repairs.

5 x more flexible than traditional bitumen paint

Up to 20 years protection

Flexes with the natural movement of the roof

Coverage 1m2 / Litre


Give the surface a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush to remove any dust or dirt. Treat any fungal growth with a fungicide and allow to dry.

Fill any cracks or holes, if needed.

Cut open any old felt blisters and apply a coat of Isoflex Liquid Rubber underneath and secure with felt tacks.

Apply one coat of Isoflex Special Primer across the whole roof and leave to dry for 4 hours.


For best results, use on a fine, dry day with temperatures about 10C.

Give the tin a really good stir before and during use.

Use a brush for this job and, working in 1m2 sections, apply a thick layer of product, making sure it's at least 1mm thick.

Re-coat within 24 hours.

Clean Up

Clean all of your equipment and any spills with Isoflex Clean up Fluid