Isoflex Professional Special Primer - Clear - 750ml


Isoflex Special Primer is ideal for preparing difficult roofing surfaces - old roofing felt, tiles, bricks, cracked bitumen and mastic repairs. It’s the perfect base for Isoflex Liquid Rubber.

Tough, durable basecoat

Dries in 4 hours

Use before applying Isoflex Liquid Rubber


Give the surface a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush to remove any dust or dirt.

Treat any fungal growth with a fungicide and allow to dry.

Fill any cracks or holes, if needed.

Cut open any old felt blisters and apply a coat of Isoflex Liquid Rubber underneath and secure with felt tacks.


For best results, use on a fine, dry day with temperatures above 10C.

Give the tin a really good stir before and during use.

Use a brush for this job and apply one generous coat across the whole roof.

It's just one coat, but on more porous surfaces you may need to apply a second coat after 4 hours.

Clean Up

Clean all of your equipment and any spills with Isoflex Clean up Fluid