Johnstones Trade Professional Undercoat Paint - White, Dark, Mid Grey

Professional Undercoat

Johnstone's Trade Professional Undercoat is a solvent-based undercoat paint that can be used for interior and exterior wood and metals. As well as superb application, coverage and opacity, our Professional Undercoat offers excellent adhesion and a high film build, which makes it suitable for sanding and hiding surface imperfections. It provides the perfect base for finishing Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss, Satin Finish or Eggshell, and is available in thousands of colours via the Johnstone's Tinting System. Our Professional Undercoat will cover approximately 16-18 square metres per litre, depending on the nature and porosity of the surface being painted.

USE ON - Interior or Exterior

SUBSTRATE - Iron, Steel, Softwood, Timber, Window Frames, Wood



TYPE - Solvent Based

RECOAT - 16-24 Hours

COVERAGE - 16-18 sqm / Litre