Kilner Wide Mouth Canning Jars - 0.5 Litre Capacity - Pack of 6

Product description

Kilner wide mouth preserve jars are perfect for whole fruits and vegetables. Airtight, the lid is made up of two pieces-replaceable vacuum seal and a metal screw band to secure the seal and keep your contents fresh. Featuring the instantly recognizable kilner logo and embossed volume indicators on the side, these handy preserve jars are no longer a practical accessory to store away in a cupboard or pantry. Kilner has gained a reputation for being both stylish and functional. For any keen cook, take a look at the full range of preserving items to equip your kitchen.

  • Built to last, unique pressure seal lid
  • Easy to use metal screw top band
  • Vacuum seal screw band and seal discs are replaceable
  • Perfect for homemade preserves, jams and jellies
  • Vacuum seal and a metal screw band to secure the seal
measuring 8.5cm across the mouth of the jars