Kip Premium Low Tack Washi-Tec Wallpaper Masking Tape 209 - All Sizes

209 WASHI-TEC Wallpaper

WASHI-TEC® Wallpaper removes cleanly from delicate surfaces, making it perfect for intricate jobs on wallpaper, paper and plaster.

This tape ensures sharp-edged paint lines and can be removed with ease even from the most sensitive surfaces. It is a lightly adhesive tape made from flexible WASHI-TEC® paper with a special acrylate adhesive. The tape is especially suitable for demanding painting work on delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, paper and putty. The product is also resistant at temperatures up to 60 °C.

Carrier material: Washi
Temperature Resistance: 60
Adhesive: Acrylat
Tear resistance: 25
Adhesion to Stainless: 0.8
Elongation %: 4
Indoor Service: 2 months
Outdoor Service: -