Kip Premium Outdoor Washi-Tec Masking Tape 246 - All Sizes

246 WASHI-TEC for outdoor use

This tape is a robust WASHI-TEC® adhesive tape for outdoor use. It is a high-quality adhesive tape made from WASHI-TEC® paper with acrylate adhesive. It has good tear-resistance and adhesive strength and is also UV-resistant. The adhesive tape is ideal for sharp paint lines outdoors and is also very well suited for varnishes and glazes. It is resistant to temperatures up to 100°C.

Carrier material: Washi
Temperature Resistance: 100
Adhesive: Acrylat
Tear resistance: 33.2
Adhesion to Stainless: 1.34
Elongation %: 7
Indoor Service: 6 months
Outdoor Service: 6 Months