Paint Warrior Cyklone Multi Purpose Paint Stirrer

No Fuss, No Streaks, No Mess, No Waste! With ever increasing complexity and styles of paint products both for indoor and outdoor use and the many and varied liquids and powder mixes that we all use in decorating today, the need for a Simple, Fast, Efficient and Safe paint mixing and paint stirring device was never more apparent. Existing paint stirrers and paint mixers, as well as devices for mixing and stirring other materials, can be complicated in design, heavy, clumsy to use and difficult to clean. Some we tried just don't do the job at all! When it comes to stirring or mixing with devices, it can also mean holding a drill above a container for a required amount of time, this can be difficult; not everyone has the strength to do that! We all need a paint stirrer or Multi-Purpose paint/fluid mixer that can safely rest against the bottom of the container and continue mixing liquids and stirring anything, quickly, safely and efficiently without the need for big biceps. Simple, easy to use and easy to clean,