Polycell Trade Polyfilla Deep Hole Filler - Ready Mixed Tub - 1 Kg

Polycell Deep Hole Polyfilla is a two part plaster based filler that fills deep holes up to 50mm and dries to a structurally sound repair in just 20 minutes.

Application Description

Remove inner Part B from the main Part A container. Mix equal amounts of Parts A and B on a flat surface into a smooth even coloured paste. Do not prepare more than can be applied in 5-10 minutes, as this is the working life of the product. Press the filler into the repair with a filling knife and finish off by smoothing with a wet knife and leave to set. Sand down when fully dry and overpaint when used outside.

Structural repair - drillable and accepts screws and nails

Fills holes up to 50mm deep in one application

No shrinking,cracking or sagging

Can be overpainted in 30 minutes

Plaster based - smooth and easy to sand

Drying Time 20mins