Polyvine Wood Oil - Interior and Exterior - All Sizes

Polyvine Wood Oil

exterior and interior

an ultra-low VOC oil, offering deep penetration for surfaces requiring a waterproof finish with UV protection

Based on renewable oils, this unique, UV resistant oil protection for wood, gives a silky sheen finish and highlights the natural grain of the wood, with no added solvents. It is suitable for softwood and hardwood timber applications, giving deep penetration for waterproofing and preservation.

Our wood oil contains less than 7g/l VOC, compared to the EU industry accepted standard of 400g/l VOC.

unique qualities: high UV resistance • water proof • no added solvents • very high solids • does not blister or peel • microporous

• biocides protect against algae, mildew and fungal attack

ideal for: fencing • cladding • sheds • summer houses • pergolas • furniture • tables • doors • worktops • flooring • staircases

available in: 100ml • 500ml • 1 litre • 2.5 litre

drying time: 12 hours • recoat time: 12 hours. Low temperature / high humidity can increase drying time • coverage: 16-20 square metres per litre

application and advice


New timber should be clean, non-oily and thoroughly dry. Remove all old coatings to bare wood. If the timber is not pressure treated apply an appropriate wood preservative.


Stir thoroughly. For best results use a clean, lint free cloth. Apply a thin even coat in the direction of the grain, work the oil into the grain of the wood ensuring complete saturation of the timber. When dry (minimum 12 hours), apply a second coat. Do not apply below 5° C. Instructions in the technical data sheet must be followed.


Always apply to a test area before starting work. Do not apply when rain is imminent. Timbers containing high natural oils, e.g. Teak and Iroko, may inhibit drying and cause impaired adhesion. Wiping surface with methylated spirit will assist penetration. Application rollers, sponges and pads, or clothes soaked in this product, may spontaneously combust if left. Dispose of after soaking in water. Wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding.


Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.