Ronseal 6 Year Anti Mould Paint - White - Matt or Silk - All Sizes

6 Year Anti Mould


Stop mould growing for six years and protect hard to reach places with 6 Year Anti Mould Paint and Aerosol. It’s quick drying and because you can just use the aerosol can, there’s nothing to clean up.

How to use 6 Year Anti Mould Paint and Aerosol

Before you start

The room needs to be above 10°c and open windows and doors for added ventilation. Put down dustsheets to prevent paint getting everywhere and mask off areas surrounding the mould to avoid overspray if using the aerosol

How to prepare walls

  1. If there is already mould on your walls, remove it with mould killer. Don’t try and get rid of it by sanding or any other means as this could spread the mould spores.
  2. Remove any loose or peeling plaster or paint by sanding it. This will give you a smooth surface and help the Anti Mould paint stick.


Don’t paint over the Anti Mould Paint as this will stop it from working.


The Anti Mould Paint will protect your walls or ceiling from mould for up to six years so you shouldn’t have any mould to clean off after application.

Technical specification

Usage: Interior walls and ceilings
Coverage: Up to 13m2 per litre
Dry time: Completely dry for 24 hours
Coat time: 10 minutes
Number of coats: Two to three
Colours: White
Finish: Matt and Silk
Durability: Stops mould growing for six years
Application: Aerosol or Brush
Sizes: 0.4L, 750ml and 2.5L