Ronseal Big Hole Wall Filler - Ready Mixed - White - 1.2 Kg


Fill big holes up to 50mm deep in one go with our Big Hole Smooth Finish Filler. It won’t sag so it’s perfect for ceilings and it can be drilled and nailed too.

    Super smooth finish with no need for sanding
    Dries in one to two hours
    Ronseal applicator included
    Suitable for plaster, stone, concrete and wood
    Fills deeper than most standard fillers
  • Dry in 1-2 hours
  • Smooth application no sanding needed.
  • Fills deep gaps and cracks

Before you start

Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and grease.


  1. Firmly push the filler into the hole or crack. It needs to be slightly raised above the surface to make sure that the gap is completely filled.
  2. If you are filling bigger holes above 50mm, fill the hole in layers waiting for the previous one to dry before adding a new one.
  3. Before the filler dries, smooth it with a wet knife.
  4. After one to two hours, you will be able to redecorate.


There’s not much aftercare required. Use the filler whenever you notice a hole or crack developing.


Your tools can be cleaned in warm, soapy water.

Technical specification

Usage: Interior plaster, stone, concrete and wood.
Coverage: Up to 50mm deep
Dry time: One to two hours
Recoat time: One to two hours
Number of coats: One for up to 50mm, several layers needed for holes deeper than 50mm.
Colours: Grey
Finish: Matt
Durability: Can be drilled, screwed and nailed.
Application: Applicator included
Size: 1.2L