Ronseal Diamond Hard Door Step Paint - Black or Tile Red - 750ml or 250ml

Diamond Hard Doorstep Paint

Our Diamond Hard Doorstep Paint is tough; so it’ll stay put and look good for longer. We’ve added some extra slip resistance in there too, because we know how slippery steps can get.


Create a strong first impression and have your front door looking spic and span whatever the weather with diamond hard doorstep paint.

How to use Diamond Hard Doorstep Paint

Before you start

Pick a dry day that’s above 10°c.

Preparing doorsteps for painting

  1. Give your steps a good brush to get rid of leaves, twigs and moss.
  2. Wash with warm, soapy water to ensure the surface is clean. Leave your steps to dry.

If your steps have been previously painted, use a wire brush to remove any loose or flaking paint and then wipe them down with white spirit.


  1. Give the paint a really good stir to make sure the colour pigment is thoroughly mixed.
  2. Use a medium sized brush and apply the first coat. Let it dry for four to six hours before applying the second coat. You’ll only need two for diamond hard protection and a rich colour.
  3. Around four to six hours after applying the second coat, your steps will be ready to walk on. After 24 hours it will be completely dry and hard.

Simply clean your brushes in warm soapy water.


Your doorsteps will now be tough enough to stand up to all the comings and goings of your household.

To look after them, clear up any moss, leaves or twigs to avoid scratches and prevent your steps getting slippery.

Technical specifications

Usage Outdoor brick, concrete or stone steps

250ml - up to 3m2 with 2 coats

750ml - up to 9m2 with 2 coats

Dry time Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Re-coat & walk over it in 4-6 hours.
Coat time Four to six hours
Number of coats Two
Colours Black, Tile Red
Finish Satin
Durability Diamond hard durability with slip prevention technology
Application Brush
Paint base Water-based
Size 250ml, 750ml
VOC Medium

*Although this product has a slip resistant additive, absolute slip resistance cannot be guaranteed.