Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Wax - Natural or Natural Oak - 2.5L

Diamond Hard Floor Wax


The protection of a varnish that leaves your floors looking and feeling natural. Dry in 30 minutes and there’s no need to get on your hand and knees to buff it.

How to wax your floor

Before you start

Prime decorating weather is a warm room above 10°c. Open all the doors and windows for ventilation and move all your furniture out the room. Always wear a mask when you’re sanding floors, there will be a lot of dust.

How to prepare floors for waxing

  1. Use a floor sander and give the wood a good sanding with 120 grit sandpaper. If you’re preparing a floor that was previously painted, use the floor sander to remove all the previous coating.
  2. Let the dust settle and then vacuum it up
  3. Wipe down your floorboards with white spirit


  1. Give your tin of wax a good stir and paint in the direction of the grain. For the best results, paint three or four floorboards at a time to avoid any overlap marks.
  2. Wait two hours to apply the second coat. Three coats will give you the best results and make your floorboards strong and shiny.
  3. Before applying the final coat, lightly sand the floor to help the wax stick.
  4. Your floor will be ready to walk on in eight hours, and will be completely dry in 24 hours - after which you can move your furniture back into the room.

To wash your brushes, all you need is some warm soapy water.


Vacuum or sweep up any bits of dirt or grit that may scratch your floor. For scuffs or spills, wash it with a damp microfiber cloth.


If a patch of your beautifully waxed floor gets damaged, just repeat the waxing process on the damaged section.

Technical specifications

Usage Interior on new or previously painted flooring
Coverage Up to 16m2
Dry time Touch dry in 30 minutes
Coat time Two Hours
Colours Natural, Natural Oak
Finish Matt
Durability Diamond Hard Protection
Application Brush
Wax Base Oil based
Sizes 2.5L
VOC Medium