Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint - All Colours and Sizes

Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint


Tough enough to park your car on and withstand oil, grease and petrol spills. Touch dry in four hours and covers up to 12 m² per litre, Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint has a smooth finish so your floor is protected and looks great.

Diamond hard protection for your garage floor

Suitable for concrete or stone floors

Prevents oil, grease and petrol spills from staining

Won’t scuff or scratch

Touch dry in four hours

Completely dry in 72 hours

Covers up to 12m2

Can be used on bare of previously painted floors

Available in three colours

How to use Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

Before You Start

  • Open all your doors and windows to ensure the best ventilation
  • Move everything out of your garage, you’ll need to get into every nook and cranny
  • Clean up any oil and grease stains (oven cleaner and some vigorous scrubbing may work, otherwise call in a professional or use Thompson’s Oil and Drive Cleaner)

How to prepare bare garage floors for painting

Newly laid concrete needs to be left alone to set for a month before you can paint it.

  1. Use a wire brush to clean the floor and remove dust and dirt.
  2. Concrete floors can react to the paint and crack or blister so seal the floor first with a stabilising solution. Or you can dilute the paint with 10% water.

How to prepare previously painted garage floors

  1. Clean the floor with a wire brush to dislodge dust and dirt
  2. Wipe it down with white spirit


  1. Use a large brush, roller or Perfect Finish Pad to apply the paint.
  2. Give the paint a thorough stir. Start at the far end of the garage and paint towards the door. Work in small sections and remember to not paint yourself into a corner!
  3. For the best coverage, you’ll need to apply two or three coats. Leave four to six hours between coats for the best effect.
  4. The floor will be hardest after 72 hours. That’s when you can start moving your car and things back into the garage.

To clean your equipment, simply wash it in warm soapy water.


You probably won’t need to regularly clean your garage floor but be sure to wipe up any spills from petrol, oil and grease before they have chance to stain.


For areas that are damaged, scratched or cracked, repeat the process again on that small patch, applying two or three coats.

Technical specification

Usage All concrete and stone garage floors. Don’t use on self leveling compound or powder floated floors
Coverage 2.5L - This tin will cover 10m2 with 3 coats
5L - This tin will cover 20m2 with 3 coats
Dry time Recoat & walk over in 4-6 hours, fully hard in 72 hours
Coat time Four to six hours
Number of coats 2-3, for maximum protection, apply 3 coats
Colours Slate, Tile Red, Steel Blue, Green
Finish Satin
Durability Diamond hard protection - you can park your car on it
Application Brush, roller or Perfect Finish Pad
Paint Base Water
Sizes 2.5L, 5L
VOC Medium