Ronseal Exterior Multi Purpose Wall Filler - Ready Mixed - Grey - 1.2 Kg or 330g

Exterior Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler


Ideal for fixing holes and gaps in masonry, concrete and brick. It’s water and frost resistant and can be applied on days when the weather isn’t quite perfect. It’s tough, durable and you can drill into it once it’s dry.

How to use Exterior Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler

Before you start

Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and grease.


  1. Push the filler firmly into the hole or crack. Overfill it to ensure it’s slightly raised above the surface. This will make sure that the hole is definitely filled.
  2. Before it full dries, smooth it with a wet knife.
  3. Wait one to two hours for the filler to dry.
  4. If the hole you are filling is deeper than 20mm, you will need to fill it with several layers. Wait one to two hours for each layer to dry before adding another.


Once the filler has completely dried, you’ll be able to decorate over it.


Your tools can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water.

Technical specification

Usage: All exterior surfaces
Coverage: For holes up to 20mm deep
Dry time: One to two hours
Recoat time: One to two hours
Number of coats: One coat for holes up to 20mm, more for above 20mm.
Colours: Grey
Finish: Matt
Durability: Protects against damp and moisture
Application: Flat scraper
Filler base: Water
Size: 1.2KG, 330g tube
VOC Minimal