Ronseal Multi Purpose Wall Filler - Powder - White - All Sizes

Multi Purpose Powder Smooth Finish Filler


Fill holes in almost any surface including plaster, stone, concrete and wood. Our Multi Purpose Powder has a smooth finish so it’s easy to sand. It’s tough too and won’t shrink or crack.

Fill holes up to 40mm deep

Comes with a measuring scoop and applicator

Dry in one to two hours

Suitable for interior and exterior use

Minimal prep needed

How to use Multi Purpose Powder Smooth Finish Filler

Before you start

There’s not a lot of preparation needed, all you have to do is make sure the area is clean from grease and dust and dry too.


  1. Using the measuring scoop, mix two parts filler to one part water.
  2. Push the filler firmly into the hole or crack, leaving a little bit slightly raised above the surface to ensure it’s completely filled.
  3. Before it dries, smooth it with a wet knife.
  4. If you’re filling holes that are deeper than 40mm, you will need to build up in layers waiting one to two hours between layers. Before each is dry, smooth over with a wet knife.


After one to two hours, you’ll be able to redecorate over the filler.


Tools can all be cleaned in warm, soapy water.

Technical Specification

Usage Interior or exterior surfaces including plaster, stone, concrete and wood.
Dry time One to two hours
Coat time One to two hours
Number of coats One for holes smaller than 40mm, several for holes over 40mm.
Colours White
Finish Matt
Durability Fills deep holes and leaves a tough repair that won’t shrink or crack

Flat scraper

Filler base Water
Size 500G, 1KG, 2KG
VOC Minimal