Ronseal One Coat Everywhere Matt Paint - All Colours - All Sizes

Ronseal One Coat Everywhere paint makes decorating your whole home easier and quicker. It'll give rich colour and tough protection to walls, ceilings and pretty much anything else you want to paint. It's stain resistant and washable, ready to stand up to the challenges of every day life.<br>

- One paint for every room- Grease, stain and mould resistant
- Quick drying
- Only one coat needed
- Touch protection and washable
- Can be used on previously painted walls, bare plaster, wood and metal
- Interior Use
- Can Paint Walls, ceilings and almost everything else
- Water Based
- Coverage up to 25 m²/litre
- Dry time to touch 1 hour
- Recommended Coats 1
- Apply with Brush or Roller