Sketch Paint By Clever Paint - White or Transparent - 1 Litre or 500ml

SketchPaint turns virtually any smooth flat surface into a writable dry erase area for work or play; creating multifunctional surfaces in the home, office or classroom! No size or shape limitations, simply paint straight onto walls, doors, cupboards; just about anywhere…

SketchPaint is available in a traditional WHITE finish or a TRANSPARENT finish that can be painted on top of any colour of your choice, or even wood, to match or compliment existing décor.

Combine SketchPaint with MagnetPaint for a magnetic writable surface.

Product Information

SketchPaint is a water-based paint consisting of two components. Once the two parts are mixed together, can be applied to the smooth surface with a roller in one coat. It is easy to apply and safe to use. After 5 days of curing, the surface can then be written on with whiteboard markers, and will wipe clean. Available in a white or transparent high gloss finish.

  • Water-based so easy and safe to apply

  • Contains no solvents so is virtually odourless

  • Certified according to strict European legislation

  • Once cured can provides a durable and strong surface with long-lasting easy-to-clean effect

Produced in The Netherlands by MagPaint Europe this product is suitable for retail sale to the DIY market. We also offer a one-part formula for professional installation. SketchPRO

SketchPaint gives your creativity boundless freedom! Turn a wall, door, or table into a whiteboard to write on or draw with whiteboard markers.

• SketchPaint is a water-based paint, easy and safe to use

• This version gives a WHITE high gloss finish


500ml tin covers approximately 3m²

1L tin covers approximately 6m²