Thompsons One Coat Concrete Seal - Clear - 5L


One Coat Concrete Seal stabilises and seals concrete floors. It's fast acting formula is ready for vehicle traffic in 4 hours.

Stops concrete dusting

Resists oil and fuel stains

Drive over after 4 hours

Ideal for garage floors

Coverage 6m2 / Litre


Give the concrete a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush to get rid of any dust or dirt.

Open any windows or garage doors for ventilation.

Use Thompson's Oil & Drive Cleaner to give the concrete a good clean before application.

For existing oil or grease stains, use this neat.

Make sure any cleaners are rinsed off the concrete & it's dry before applying One Coat Concrete Seal.


On cold & damp days, drying and re-coat times will take longer.

For best results, use on a dry day above 10C. Give the tin a good stir.

Pour the tin into a roller tray and use a long pile roller to apply in long smooth strokes.

If you're sealing your garage floor, start from the furthest point and work towards the door - don't seal yourself into a corner! Apply an even coat, making sure that any puddles are spread into dry areas.

It's just one coat, so that's it, job done! FYI - For more porous concrete you might need to apply another coat after 4 hours.

Clean Up

Clean your equipment with white spirit.