Thompsons Stain Block Damp Seal - All Sizes


Our Stain Block Damp Seal is tough on damp. It’ll permanently seal and remove damp stains and is overpaintable in just 4 hours.

Seals & Covers Stains

Micro-porous formula allows trapped moisture to escape

Apply directly onto damp surfaces

Coverage 5m2/ Litre


Its important to make sure the cause of damp has been sorted before painting, otherwise it'll just come back.

Open doors & windows to make sure the room is well ventilated.

Remove any wallpaper and get rid of flaking paint with a damp cloth. Fill any cracks or holes, if needed.

You can apply this onto damp surfaces, just make sure they're not dripping wet.


Give the tin a really good stir. Apply with a brush or roller, whichever you prefer. Apply the paint over the affected area, plus about 30cm around it.

Wait 4 hours before applying a second coat.

Clean Up

Clean your equipment with white spirit.