Thompsons Water Seal - High Performance Waterproofing - All Sizes


Thompson's Water Seal uses a unique micro silicone emulsion to stop water penetration. Apply Water Seal directly onto damp surfaces to provide long lasting waterproof protection within hours.

Apply directly to damp surfaces

Stops freeze thaw damage

Use on brick, concrete and stone

Coverage 4m2/ Litre


Give the surface a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush. Fill any cracks and do pointing repairs, if needed.


Give the tin a good shake. Apply using a brush or roller. If you're tackling a wall, work in 1m sections from the bottom upwards. Once an area is fully saturated move onto the next section. Don't forget to give those mortar lines a soaking too. Make sure you treat the whole wall and not just isolated areas.

As soon as the first coat has soaked in, you can crack on with the second coat

Clean Up

Clean your equipment in warm water and detergent